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A. English religious literature

1-Thomas Gramner: “---“A book of common prayer”
2-John Bungan: “---“Grace abounding”

B. Definitions

1-A parody: It is aA literary work that imitatesimitate another in order to turn it or hold it up to ridicule.

2-A treatise: AIt is a formal account in writing, treating systematically of some subjectssubject.

3-A fabliau: A short metrical tale usually comic, frankly coarse, often cynical, It is a popular short narrative poem in the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe.

4-Pamphlet: AIt is a short essay or treatise usually on a current topic single subject usually published without a binding.

5-Satire: AIt is a literary work in which human vice andor folly areis attacked through irony and derision or wit.

6-Picaresque: Of belonging to or characteristicscharacteristic of a literary genre in which the rogue -hero and his escapade are depicted with broad realism and satire.

7-Ode: AIt is a poem suited to be set to music and chanted or sung originally with a chorus moving rhythmically.

8-Idealism: A philosophical concept according to which things, exist only through our thoughts and ideas.

9-Stanza: A group of poetic verses.

10-Sonnet: A fourteen line poetic form usually makes up of an octave and a sestet embodying the statement and the resolutiondeclaration of a single theme.

11-Fable:It is a narration enforcing some useful truth, A short metrical tale in writing especially one in which animals speak and act like human beings.

12-Essay:It is a short A literary composition on a single subject usually presenting the point of view of the author.

13-Blank verse: A verseVerse that has no rhymesrhyme or free verse.
14-Preciosity: The use of a special language to saydescribe one simple thing.

15-Rogue-hero: SomeoneA person who goes around and defends weak people against the strongest ones.

16-realism: Describing things the way they are.

17-Utopia: An imaginary social and political and social perfection.

18-Triumvir: MemberA member of a triumvirate.

19-Triumvirate: A group of persons who lead thethat leads a community.

20-An attendant: A person who serves the leaders inof the empire. 21-Soothsayer: A person who goes around and tells people about their future.

22-Metaphor: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase, literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another by way of suggesting a likeness or…. And analogy between them.

23-A chronicle: A chronological record of events.

24-Classissism: A constant reference to art, culture and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

25-Deism: The belief in the existence of God on the evidence of reason and nature only with the rejection of supernatural revelationrevelations.

26-Theism: The belief in the existence of supernatural revelationrevelations.

27-Allegory: The description of one thing under the image of another.

28-Paraphrase: The use of many words to expresssay or describe what you can dotell directly.

29-Empirism: A philosophical concept according to which you can acquire knowledge can be acquired only through yourour personal experience of life.

30-Ballad: A popular short narrativeIt is a poem written in simple stanzasStanza.

31-Romanticism: A literary movement popular of the late 18th to 19th Ccenturies.

32-Rationalism:A philosophical concept according to which reason is the prime source of knowledge and spiritual truth.
33-Deistic: A poem written in verse of two.

34-Epitaph: A kind of identity card put on the tomb of a dead person (A shortsmall poem in memory of thea dead) put on a tomb.

35-Poetic diction: A kind of conventional poetic form based on the systematic use of certain clichés.

36-Elegy: A manful melancholy or plaintive poem especially a lament for the dead.

37-Crisis: The solution or clarification of a story in a literary work.

38-Oeuvre: The literary works of an author put together....
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