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David Guest 3rd Characteristics
Appraisal, Training and Development

Concerning the case study first there should be a Human Resource department who can cater for the performance appraisal of the staff s. furthermore we also found that the small hospital employed doctors on part time or “on call” doctors, therefore this have an impact on the organisational culture, and even in terms of performance appraisal and evaluation it is difficult.

Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisals are crucial for the effective management and evaluation of staff. Appraisals help individual development, improve organisational performance, and feed into business planning, leading to increase in productivity. Formal performance appraisals are normally conducted annually for all staff in the organisation. Each employee is appraised by their line manager. Annual performance appraisals enable management in monitoring of standards, expectations and objectives, and delegation of responsibilities and tasks. Staff performance appraisals also establish individual training needs and enable organizational training needs analysis and planning. Performance appraisals also typically feed into organizational annual pay and revision of grading which commonly also coincides with the business planning for the next trading year. Performance appraisals generally review each individual's performance against objectives and standards for the trading year, agreed at the previous appraisal meeting. Performance appraisals are also essential for career and succession planning - for individuals, important jobs, and for the organization as a whole. Concerning the small hospital we saw that they do not really cater for succession planning and career opportunities of employees, thus with the establishment of an HR department and with the proper HR functions, employee turnover and absenteeism may be minimised. Performance appraisals are important for staff motivation, attitude and development of...
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