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Darwin Theory

By mahirah93 May 07, 2013 538 Words

Naturalist Charles Darwin was a British scientist who laid the foundations of the theory of evolution and transformed the way people think about the natural world. Charles Darwin made his argument that humans had evolved from apes where he studied the comparative anatomy and embryology of human species in relation to gorillas and chimps. He pointed out that humans actually have a tailbone, eventhough we have no tail. Some people able to wiggle ears or flex the scalp muscle. Darwin used all of these converging lines of evidence to conclude that humans were most closely related to the African apes, the gorilla and the chimpanzee which all of three animals are the common ancestor would be found in Africa. Darwin thought that humans were members of the same species and shared common ancestry. He also believed that humans in each race had a different ideal of beauty which had evolved along with their different population. One day, he noted that male birds attracted with females birds with their bright plumage or beautiful songs as well as the case of male stags fought for the privilege of mating. By that, women were wooed by different physical traits which resulted in a sort of ‘self-breeding’ into different ‘varieties’ or races of human. According to Darwin, human form was shaped by the desire. Darwin gave out the idea that the most important result of sexual selection was in human brain size. He made the argument that men are larger, stronger, and fiercer than women because they had to fight for the opportunity to mate. Women were tenderer and less selfish because of the maternal instincts. Even pre-historic men had able to observe, think and invent idea naturally in order to keep their families safe and well-fed. Many of Darwin’s ideas from “Descent of Man” were in the field of biological anthropology and human evolution. Darwin said that humans were all the same species; there are no subspecies of human. The difference in skin colors is not the result of sexual selection, but in fact that is the result of ‘Natural Selection’. Humans who lived near the equator said to get benefit from having a protective layer of melanin in their skin which protects against UV radiation and degradation important vitamin known as folate. Humans who lived at higher latitudes benefit from having lighter skin, which allows sunlight to penetrate the skin and synthesize Vitamin D, which is important in bone health. ‘Natural Selection’ is stated that evolutionary change comes through the production of variation in each generation and differential survival of individuals with different combinations of these variable characters. Individuals with characteristics which increase their probability of survival will have more opportunities to reproduce and their offspring will also benefit from the heritable, advantageous character. So over time these variants will spread through the population. Darwin’s hypothesis which is human brain size was the result of both natural and sexual selections for intelligent and creative men have been addressed time and time again. So we can honestly say that Darwin’s theory is considered scientific, but it did not turned out to be absolute where the theory cannot be demonstrated in reality.

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