Daddy, Sylvia Plath

Topics: Metaphor, Literature, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: December 10, 2013
“And the language obscene / An engine, and engine / Chuffing me off like a Jew” (lines 30-32)This quote depicts the relationship that Plath had with her father. In Daddy, Plath depicts herself as a victim, as she compares herself to a Jew and her father as a Nazi. She uses this train metaphor to depict herself as a victimized Jew who is being taken away to a concentration camp. Plath uses allusions to describe her father as Hitler, as it is written “And your neat moustache / And your Aryan eyes, bright blue”. This use of allusion gives her father the image of Hitler himself and it helps build the metaphor of her father as a Nazi. As the poem progresses, Plath becomes more blunt where she depicts her father as a Nazi. She uses the metaphor of her father not being like God, but rather like a Swastika which is the symbol of Nazism. “Not God, but a swastika / So black no sky could squeak through”. (lines 6-7) Plath’s use of metaphors helps give the reader a clear image of her relationship with her father and her hatred towards him. We also get deeper insight into the type of relationship, or rather lack of relationship between the two. In Sylvia’s Plath poem, “Daddy”, the speaker, presumably Plath, describes her victimized relationship with the prominent male figures in her life, her father and her husband, through historical allusions, mocking diction, and figurative language that emphasize her resentment and angry outlook towards men.

Plath uses figurative language to reveal her relationship with her father. In this poem, Plath uses the symbol of a vampire to describe her father’s personality. At the end of the poem Plath shifts the depiction of her father from a living Nazi to a dead vampire. “The vampire who said he was you / And Drank my blood for years” (lines 32-33). Here Plath bluntly calls her father a vampire who has sucked her blood for years. The metaphor of a blood sucking vampire is used to help paint a vivid image of the pain in Plath’s...
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