Cynevin Framework

Topics: Decision making, Rudy Giuliani, Decision theory Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Next framework we chose to look at is the “Cun nev in” Frame work!! The Cynefin framework was originally developed in 1999 in the context of knowledge management and organisational strategy by Dave Snowden. Cynefin mean the place of multiple belongings. This frame work allows people to see decision making from a different view point, assimilating complex concepts and addressing real work issues. Using this framework allows leader to define and analyse there own business problems and scenarios for the future, increasing communication throughout the business and rapidly enhancing there ability to respond to real work problems. The Cynefin model is a sense making model rather than a categorisation model like the ....... which nikki reviewed. The difference here is key, a categorisation model is a classic 2 by 2 model which we see often and in these models the framework proceeds the data. As a result of this we will be able to drop the data very fast into the appropriate boxes, however we wont be able to see little differences until it is too late.. So this is why i decided to use this framework as a categorisation model is good for quick exploitation of the data but extremely poor in times of change. Whereas a sense making model we see the data proceeding the framework as the framework emerges from the data with is often required in making decisions, embracing the theory that one size does not fit all. All too often, managers rely on common leadership approaches that work well in one set of circumstances but fall short in others. So..... the question we have to ask is why do these approaches fail even when logic indicates they should prevail? The answer lies in a fundamental assumption of organizational theory and practice that a certain level of predictability and order exists in the world.

So we can now look at the breakdown of the frame work....
The framework sorts the issues facing leaders into five contexts defined by the...
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