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Customer Service Hints and Tips

By pnward May 20, 2013 379 Words
Hints and Tips for Customer Service

Unit 1

If you are currently unemployed the following websites offer good information regarding employment.

Extra information on Equality and Diversity, Contract of employment, legislation, Disability Discrimination Act and formal learning, can be found on

It's important that you answer assessment questions in your own words in order to successfully pass your course. So, while you may need to refer to the course materials to help you answer a question, you should not copy passages or phrases word for word. This is known as plagiarism. If you're suspected of plagiarism you may be asked to resubmit your assessment or in serious circumstances be removed from your course.

Section 1

Questions 1 & 2 – You are expected to provide a good description a list of products and service will not be accepted. In question 2 please remember to describe the difference in Customer Service.

Question 3 – Don’t forget to mention the role Customer Service plays in the industry as a whole.

Section 2

Question 1 – Ideally your answer should be based around the information provided on page 2 of the course materials.

Question 2 – Extra guidance can be found on website

Question 3 – You must describe your organisations procedures for health and safety documents used

Question 5 – A resubmission is required you have not added the date of the Act for example The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
Question 6 – You must explain the monitoring that takes place and also the documentation used.

Section 3

Question 1 – You must provide a description for this answer.

Question 4 – Take a look at as this explains employee entitlements and also the standard appeals procedure. Please remember that this information should NOT be copied and pasted but added in your words.

Section 4

Question 2 – You must add at least two representative bodies must not be copied and pasted and it should be relevant to the organisation you have based the unit on.

Section 5

You must describe the principles, policies and procedures for your organisation and also where this information is documented – Again plagiarism will not be accepted.

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