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Some of the areas that we strongly feel is crucial to enhance customer service is proper training. It will not only add value to the company and individuals but it can strongly inspire and eventually leads to greater success. Some of the advantages include, customer satisfaction, business efficiencies, employee improvement and public recommendations. Good customer service will promote loyal customers. This is where good training leads to customer advocacy that in return plays a huge role. Loyalty comes from the customer satisfaction. It is important that employees go through tone and listening training, to understand the importance of acknowledging their customers in a proper way and actively listening to them. This could be vital for customer service. Employee should spend more time with face-to-face training with ways to express empathy and use appropriate tone of voice to communicate with guests. This would uplift the quality of the staffs and improve customer service. The next training believe to be essential to improve customer service is focusing on colleague engagement which will provide trainees with a better understanding of customer behaviors. This will enable the trainees to manage their approach when facing with customer needs and eventually leads to better customer experience. Furthermore, good customer service training will lower the operating costs and still provide a good customer experience. Competing and focusing on price alone is a bad idea for many businesses. Customer service plays a huge role. Therefore proper training will lead to better customer satisfaction and fewer mistakes. The employees will stay longer and increase the value when they are constantly involved with an organization. A good and dedicated trainer will inspire better service, which will result in amazing customer experience.

Another area that will enhance customer service is by recruiting the right attitude staff. It is rather pointless to train staff that simply...
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