Customer Behaviour- Mid Sem Exam Notes

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Lecture One: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour: Reflects totality of consumer’s decisions with respect to the acquisition, consumption and disposition of goods, services, time and ideas by (human) decision-making units (over time)

Acquisition- obtaining, gathering, acquiringConsumption-using, consumingDisposition- disposingDecision making units- customers, ConsumersTime-Dynamic Process
Consumer Behaviour involves attitudes towards:
* Products/goods
* Services (intangible)
* Activities
* People
* Ideas
It is a dynamic process which can involve many people and involves many decisions. It also involved the consumers’ feelings and coping

Decisions are not always made on behalf of an individual but can be made on behalf of a group e.g. a family unit.

The Totality of a consumer’s decisions can be broken down into the following:
* How do you decide you want to buy
* Other products you consider buying
* Gathering and evaluating info
* Where you buy
* How do you pay for the product/purchase/transaction method * Additional services (i.e. warranties)
* How you transport product home

* How do you use the product
* Where do you use-On premise v off premise
* How do you store the product in your home
* Who uses the product
* When is it used? Immediate v delayed consumption
* How much do you consumer? Complete v Partial
* How product compares with expectations
* How you get rid of remaining product
* How much you throw away after use
* If you resell items yourself (e.g. eBay) or through a consignment store * How you recycle some products
* Recycling (e.g. Biodegradable waste)
* Reuse (e.g. charity)
* Resale (e.g. eBay)
Consumer Behaviour Reflects:
1. The totality of decisions- Whether, What, Why, How, When, How much/How often/How long 2. About the Consumption-Acquisition, Usage, Disposition 3. Of an Offering- Products, services, Activities, ideas 4. By decision making Units- Information gatherer, influencer, Decider, Purchaser, User 5. Over time- Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years.

Consumer behaviour focuses on psychology (how people actually behave) rather than economics of how people ought to behave.
To Gain Consumer Insights (Understanding what drives a consumer)
Consumer insight represents a deep understanding of consumer needs and the drivers of consumer behaviour at a level well beyond what consumers are able to articulate themselves. Customer insight leads to opportunities for creating solutions that are tightly linked to the core drivers of human needs and behaviour. Developing consumer insight includes understanding the explicitly stated or ‘articulated’ needs of consumers and potential customers but more significantly identifying their ‘unarticulated’ needs. Often described as wanting to manipulate consumers but this may not be trying to sell a product but more trying to sell an idea e.g. wear more sunscreen.

Marketers need to:
* Understand the consumer comes first
* Understand, predict & influence consumer behaviour * You should never underestimate the consumer-behaviour can be subtle and difficult to understand * Never assume all consumers are the same as you (or the people you know)

What affects consumer behaviours:
1. PSYCHOLOGICAL CORE:This is made up of:
* Motication, Ability and Opportunity
* Exposure, attention and perception
* Categorising and comprehending information
* Forming and changing attitudes
* Forming and retrieving memories
2. PROCESS OF MAKING DECISIONS (decision making process) * Problem recognition and search for information
* Judgement and decisions
* Post decision evaluations
3. CONSUMER’S CULTURE: External...
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