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IB Assessment Preparation Packet
World Lit Paper 1 = 10%

Purpose for World Literature Paper 1:
You will write a comparative study of at least two of the works in Part I. The aspect selected must focus on some pertinent link between the chosen works and may reflect the interest of the candidate. The paper must be at least 1000 and no more than 1500 words. It should be appropriately documented. Everyone in a given class will have a different topic.

Text Choices for World Lit paper:
You may choose two of the following:
Siddhartha, Hesse
Candide, Voltaire
A Doll’s House, Ibsen (if you don’t use it for the presentation)
The Stranger, Camus

General Types of Topic Choices for Essay:
Topics may be based on any aspect(s) of the work(s) studied: cultural setting of the work and how it and related issues are reflected thematic focus as reflected in craft
characterization techniques
technique and style
author's attitude to particular elements of the work(s) such as character, subject, form, setting, narrative technique international perspectives on common human problem (essay)
cross-cultural perspectives on the artist’s role in society interpretation of particular elements from different perspective

Focus for Paper:
Your focus will depend on the nature and scope of your topic. The sophistication of literary criticism expected in elaborated in your rubrics. You will be expected to show: thorough knowledge and understanding of the work(s)

thorough appreciation of the aspect discussed, appropriate similarities and differences between the work(s) knowledge and use of the linguistic register appropriate for this type of presentation with sensitivity to use of vocabulary, tone, sentence structure, and idiom appropriate to the task consideration of the effects of the means by which author(s) have explored the aspect discussed Essay must be a cogent piece of writing and a reasoned argument in support of your interpretations

Structure of...
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