Culturaldiversity Strategy and Implementation Plan

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strategy and Implementation plan

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Actions to Support Human Resource (People) Capability
Strategic Success Driver 7 The People in Tourism Objective To ensure that the people working in tourism in Ireland operate to the highest international standards of professionalism and that the generally highly positive experience of tourists with the people they meet in Ireland, well-documented in successive surveys over the years, is maintained and enhanced. Rationale Tourism is an industry in which the attitudes, competence, enterprise, innovation, hospitality and friendliness of the people in it are an intrinsic part of the product itself. The people in tourism are at the heart of the tourist experience in Ireland and the ultimate determinant of the quality of that experience.

Managing Cultural Diversity Develop and implement a strategy and detailed implementation programme to provide for the integration of non-national* employees within the work-place and more widely in our society in a way that recognises and supports cultural diversity and enhances their personal and professional development and their potential to add a new and valuable dimension to traditional Irish tourism values. This report summarises the progress made by the working group on Cultural Diversity in carrying out this action.

* see glossary on page 5.

We would like to thank the international staff who contributed to this work. Located in a range of establishments nationally they and their employers facilitated our visits and many of them came to meet with us on their days off. Whilst we would love to acknowledge the international staff members individually and also their employers confidentiality prevents us from doing so. In preparing a report of this nature help was needed from many sources. Not only was help freely given but there was an energy about those who contributed. Be they the Irish employees, employers or their representatives or members of staff from the professional organizations or academic institutions all wanted to contribute to ensure that our much needed international staff now and in the future have positive experiences whilst living and working in Ireland.

Adrian Cummins, Irish Hotel and Catering Institute (IHCI) Anne Dearey, Failte Ireland Anne O Carroll, Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) Brendan Leahy, Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) Karl Reinhardt, Irish Hotel and Catering Institute Dr. Aileen Pearson-Evans, Dublin City University (DCU) Henry O ‘Neill, Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI)

Jennifer Wallace National Consultative Council for Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) John Power, Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) Kay Caball, Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) Kensika Monshebgwo, National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism, (NCCRI) Nora Byrne TRED, TRED Equal Project Ursula Sherlock, Licensed Vintners Association (LVA)



Context 1 Acknowledgements 2 Contents 4 Executive Summary 5 Glossary 7 Chapter I: Introduction and Background 7 Tourism Policy Review Group 7 Tourism Targets and Staff Shortages 7 Growth of International Staff 8 Culturally Diverse Groups 8 Development of the Strategy and Implementation Plan 8 Strategy and Development Process 8 Research Review 9 Advantages of an International Workforce Environment 9 Challenges of an International Workforce Environment 9 International Employees – Their Views 12 Summary of Key Findings 13 Steps to Integration 15 Chapter 2: Good Practice 15 International Good Practice 15 Irish Good Practice 25 Chapter 4: Cultural Diversity Implementation Plan 32 Chapter 5: Cultural Diversity Support Materials 32 Sample Diversity Action Plan for Businesses 35 Sample Induction Programme 41...
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