Cultural Anthropology Exam Study Guide

Topics: Anthropology, Sociology, Culture Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Exam 1 study guide
* EB Tylor- the father of modern anthropology, supported evolutionism/uni-lineal evolution * Franz Boaz- the father of American anthropology, supported empiricism * Margaret Mead- Boaz’s student, wrote about the sexual revolution * Borshay Lee- studied the !Kung San from Africa

* Zora Neal Hurston- one of Boaz’s students, an African-American folklorist * Bronislaw Malinowski- the father of fieldwork, said anthropologists need to learn the language of the people, supported functionalism * Mary and Loius Leakey- husband and wife paleontologists, convinced the world that humans evolved out of Africa * Lucy- a Australopithecus fossil, found in Ethiopia

* Lewis Henry Morgan- supporter of evolutionism/uni-lineal evolution, came up with the hierarchy of cultures (savagery, barbarism, civilization) * Napoleon Chagnon- studied the Yanamamo, was banned from the villages by the governments and Catholic church for misrepresenting the people * Carol Stack- studied “fictive kin” in African American communities * !Nisa- a member of the !Kung San peoples of the Kalahari desert, studied by Marjorie Shostak * Karl Marx- supported conflict theory, which says societies are held together by power/strife * Julian Steward- developed the concept and method of cultural ecology (the study of human adaptations to social and physical environments) * Marjorie Shostak- wrote about the !Kung San people from the Kalahari desert (!Nisa) * Leslie White-said the most important aspect of human culture is the use of symbolic systems RELATIONS TO ANTHROPOLOGY

* Culture- a people’s total way of life that is learned within the culture and shared within the society * Artifacts- objects made or altered by human hands
* Cultural consultant/key informants- choosing someone in the community to work with and get connections from (someone who is respected and in the know) * Naturalized concepts- deeply embedded ideas...
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