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2 INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT 1) The industrial report is a written document where student is asked to write on the work activities/task, what they have observed and learned during their internship. 2) The industrial report must be wholly the student’s work. 3) The report should reflect the student’s abilities to learn, observe, analyze, comment and recommend. 4) The report is to show the application of student theoretical knowledge into practical. It should not be drawn from textbooks or any organizational manual/standard operating procedure. 5) The student is required to portray an appropriate ability in the organization and presentation of their material in the paper. 6) Do not focus on pictures. Any picture added should enhance your report, not unnecessarily thicken the report. 7) Reports which are plagiarized in any manner would result in a heavy penalty towards the students. 8) Report should be narrative. REPORT ORGANIZATION  The report should be organized as follows: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. GENERAL LAYOUT 1. The title page or cover page The title page should be at the beginning of the report. (see appendix) This should also be written on the report cover 2. Acknowledgement Write down a token of appreciation to those whom you received help, for example the provision of facilities or owes a special debt to a particular source. Limit it to not more than two (2) pages. The title page or cover page The executive summary Acknowledgement Contents Body of report Menu evaluation Conclusion and recommendation Appendices



Table of Contents It should include the commencing page of acknowledgement, executive summary, abbreviation (in Roman numeral eg. i, ii, iii, iv etc) The page numbers should be stated on the right side of the page (typed and not hand written) Title page at the front of the project paper is considered to be page (i) , but do not type the number. The Roman numeral (ii) appears on the first page that follows the title page (see Appendices) The table of contents should also have an accurate title and commencing page (in numerals eg. 1,2, 3, etc) of all topics, major subdivisions, subdivision and appendices.


Executive summary Write one page summary of your report, highlighting on how you find the hotel as a beneficial training ground.


Body of the report  CHAPTER 1 (an overview of the organization -approximately 4-7 pages minus organization chart and pictures)  To introduce the organization where you had undertaken the industrial training.  The organizational chart of the organization  Facilities available at the hotel  The food and beverage department  The food production department

CHAPTER 2 AND CHAPER 3-should contain reports on two kitchens- a chapter per kitchen (if you were attached to more than two kitchens, choose two most prominent ones). The CONTENT of each chapter must contain approximately 4,000-5,000 words (approximately 12-14 pages minus organization chart and kitchen layout). These should contain the following information:  The name of the kitchen for each chapter concerned  Kitchen brigade (the organization chart of that kitchen department/outlet)  Kitchen equipment and layout  Mise en place; daily and promotional events; special events

 For each kitchen:   

4 Activities performed such as: inter kitchen transfer, buffet set up, event orders, requisition, general cleaning, department training, outside catering, etc. Departmental glossary

Heading and sub headings should be used to give clear indication of the content Title of sections/departments should use numerals of heading (eg.2) sub heading (e.g. 2.1) and sub-sub headings (e.g. 2.1.1 and 2.1.1(a)). Photos, plans forms or any appendix material should not be included in this section. It should be referred to systematically in...

References: … … … …
APPENDICES (as needed)- below are examples A1: Forms A2: Event orders A3: Photographs A4: Sample of standardized recipe from each department.
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