CSR: Bottle brick houses

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Corporate Social Responsibility

. Description: give a description of your business.
who you are
what you do
where you are

Who we are
We are a Non-governmental organization lead by a group of students that aims to improve the quality of life in developing countries by offering communities more comfortable and durable housings. We focus on providing cost-effective, environmentally friendly buildings by substituting the conventional use of bricks with “bottle bricks” that includes the use of recycled bottles. It is estimated that one house made of these bottle bricks costs only about a third of what a similar house is made of using concrete and bricks. Furthermore, not only are the bottle-bricks houses made more affordable, but they are also made more durable than the conventional houses. The bottles packed with sand act as insulators against heat, thereby making the house suitable in warm weather climates such as in Nigeria or in Cambodia. In addition, the compact sand plays a significant role in making the house bullet and fireproof, as well as making it earthquake resistant. As a result, we aim to provide these resilient houses to as many families and communities in need.

What we do
Our company focuses on essentially three things: 1) collecting a sufficient amount of recycled plastic bottles required for constructing the buildings by cleaning the environment and encouraging communities to recycle 2) taking full responsibility of all construction by navigating and allocating enough resources that are required (ex. Human resources and other resources required such as mud and sand) and lastly 3) improving the quality of life in the respective communities.

A typical house—including a one bedroom, living room, bathroom, toilet and a kitchen—uses approximately 7,800 plastic bottles. Bottles are tightly packed with sand, and then are strategically placed one on top of the other with a combination of mud and cement, making the foundation firm and...
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