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University of Technology, Jamaica
Module Outline 2013 – 2014 CREDIT VALUE: NUMBER OF HOURS: UNIVERSITY COORDINATOR: Office Hours: SCIT CSP COORDINATOR’S NAME: YOUR LECTURER’S NAME: Office Hours: 1 45 Courtney Palmer ……………………………………………………... Stanford Graham Office Hours: Michelle March Thursday 11 am – 12pm & Friday 10 – 11am

MODULE DESCRIPTION: This module covers the importance of volunteerism in contributing to an improvement in the quality of life in communities around UTech and Community Colleges which deliver its programmes as well as the wider society. It further unites classroom instructions with real societal needs and explores the relationship between General Education modules and CSP 1001. MODULE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the module, you should be able to: 1. understand the nature of volunteerism 2. recognize the role of individuals in providing voluntary service 3. appreciate the value of a service ethic in the development of a society. REQUIRED READINGS • Robotham, D. (1998). Vision and Volunteerism. Grace Kennedy Foundation Lecture. • Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan. National Planning Institute of Jamaica. 2009 ASSESSMENT 1. You will be required to complete four reflective pieces. Each reflection must be type written, Times New Roman, 12pt, double –spaced and no less than one page or more than three pages. You will not be allowed to submit all four pieces at the end of the semester. You must complete each one and submit it on the due date. You will prepare two copies of each assignment. Submit one copy to your lecturer. Have your lecturer sign and date the other copy to acknowledge receipt of your work. Keep all signed copies of your assignments in a safe place. You may need to provide these as evidence of submission of your work.


NB: My copy of each reflection is to be e-mailed to mmarch@utech.edu.jm. I do not require a hardcopy of reflections 1 – 3.


A hardcopy of your final reflection (REFLECTION # 4) must be...
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