CSP 101

Topics: Information security, Computer security, Customer service Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: October 27, 2013
CSP 101 Notes reading
I. Lesson 1- Power Actions/Partnering with Arise
A. Control Background noises
B. Avoid personal Phone calls
Make sure cell phone is on silent
C. Excellent customer service
D. Polite holding
Let customers know how long they will be on hold
E. Punctuality
Always service the schedule you choose, if not, the customer will wait and other CSPs would not get all the hours they wanted F. Follow information security standards
Use appropriate computer security
Do not print client information or customer info
Maintain a clean and organized work environment
G. Have empathy for customers
II. Lesson 2- Being an IBO/CSP
A. Service hours: a minimum of 15 hours/week with 3 of those hours on Saturday and/or Sunday B. Check your understanding
The opportunity announcement provides both weekday and weekend minimum for service hours An independent business calculates service revenue by applying the calculation located in the opportunity announcement under the program details section. The Stramatic 2.0 is the system use to schedule and manage service hours. C. 5 actions to reduce noise levels in your office

Ensure the door to your office remains closed while you work. If sound passes through the door, consider investing in a solid core door. Close the windows to outside noise
Do not place your desk against a wall with a TV set, dishwasher, or washer/dryer on the other side. Purchase a noise cancelling telephone headset. It should have an “echo-canceller” which reduces vibrations between the speaker and the listener. If your office has wooden floor or tiles, consider investing in carpet because it tends to muffle sounds. D. Maintaining a professional manner and image

Professionalism: approach the service you provide with the same professionalism that you would give if you were working in a corporate office setting. Phone etiquette: answer your business phone with a focused response, clearly stating the name of the client with a positive and...

Links: G..3. Accessing Starmatic 2.0
G..4. Reviewing the network status section
G..5. Accessing support chat rooms
H. Check your understanding
I. The 2 arise support channels
The admissions team: contact for questions related to the admissions process by chat Monday-Friday 1000-1700 EST
Ava: contact for any non-admissions related questions about Business opportunities, technical issues or other topic by virtual and live chat 24/7
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