Cry Freedome

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Comprehension Test
Cry Freedom
John Briley

1Choose the correct answer to these questions. There is only one correct answer. 1Who was the first person to suggest that Donald Woods should meet Stephen Biko?
aWendy Woods, Donald’s wife.
bDr Mamphela Ramphele.
cTenjy Mtintso.
2Kruger talked to Woods about the Afrikaners. When did he say the first Afrikaners arrived in South Africa?
aIn the seventeenth century.
bIn the eighteenth century.
cIn the nineteenth century.
3When Tenjy appeared in court, she had bruises on her neck. How did she get these?
aShe tried to hang herself.
bThe police tried to kill her.
cThe police hurt her when they questioned her.
4When Kruger appeared on television, how did he say that Biko had died?
aBiko fell over.
bThe police murdered him.
cHe starved himself to death.
5How did Woods know that his house was bugged? The police heard him ...
a... saying goodbye to his wife.
b... using a typewriter.
c... listening to the radio.
20 marks
2Who said these things? Choose from the following names. You will not need all of them. Stephen Biko, Kruger, Mapetla Mohapi, Tenjy Mtintso, Mamphela Ramphele, Ken Robertson, De Wet, Donald Woods, Wendy Woods. a‘I’m not ashamed of being a liberal.’ ............... b‘I was one of two to be given a place at Natal Medical School.’ ............... c‘Black society has lost hope in itself, it feels defeated.’ ............... d‘I promise you, we have reason to ban Steve Biko.’ ............... e‘Who do you think you are? God?’ ...............

20 marks
3Are these statements about Stephen Biko’s life true (T) or false (F)? a He was mostly brought up among rich white people.
b His mother died when he was seventeen.
c He was taught for two years by Swiss and German priests. d is wife’s name was Ntsiki.
e is movement was called Black Power.
f He believed in violence and terrorism against white South Africans. g He sometimes played football.
h He made very powerful speeches.
i He died in police custody in 1977.
j He was an old man when he died.
20 marks
4What do you think Stephen Biko’s greatest qualities were?

20 marks
5Match a word from A with a definition from B.

aBelieving people of one colour are better than those of another bThe quality or ideal of being right and fair
cA South African who is descended from the Dutch
dIn prison, waiting for trial
eThe power to give orders to people and make them obey
20 marks
Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
Cry Freedom
John Briley
Choose the best answer.
1Donald Woods, editor of the Daily Dispatch, made the _____ the main story.
a [ ] possible release of Nelson Mandela
b [ ] invasion of a township in Cape Town
c [ ] Japanese factory
d [ ] pardon of Nixon
2The police invaded the townships to _____.
a [ ] find children avoiding school b [ ] stop illegal businesses
c [ ] move illegal workers out of the city d [ ] find Steve Biko and his family 3Newspapers couldn’t print photos of _____.
a [ ] police beating black people b [ ] Steve Biko
c [ ] illegal workers d [ ] Mandela
4Woods didn’t accept that _____.
a [ ] blacks and whites should live in separate areas b [ ] blacks should vote
c [ ] blacks should be politicians d [ ] police should be violent towards blacks 5Mamphela Ramphele thought that Woods had _____ Steve Biko.
a [ ] turned people against b [ ] made fun of
c [ ] misunderstood d [ ] a fair opinion of
6Woods was surprised to meet Biko in a _____.
a [ ] township b [ ] church c [ ] churchyard d [ ] white town 7Steve Biko’s wife gave Woods a _____.
a [ ] cold reception b [ ] hot cup of coffee
c [ ] child’s toy d [ ] warm welcome
8The Blacks white authority called the _____.
a [ ]...
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