Cry Freedom by John Briley: Book Report

Topics: Steve Biko, Donald Woods, Black people Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: October 3, 2014
Bookreport:“Cry Freedom“ by John Briley

John Briley was born in Kalmzooo, Michigan. After obtaining a BA and MA from the University of Michigan, he studied for a PhD in Elizabethan Drama at the University of Birmingham. There he wrote for television and films for MGM, UK. He also wrote the screenplay of the film "Ghandi". He is married and has four children. Now he lives in Spain. Date of publication: 1987

Donald Woods: he is a white man in his middle ages and is married with five children. Donald is the editor of the newspaper "Daily Dispatch" and was formerly trained as a lawyer. He gets to know Biko not really voluntary but this event changed his philosophy of life completely. At the beginning he is still against the black population, but his sense for justice forces him to write objective articles too, although they are prohibited. Through various discussions with Biko he lives through a personal development and becomes a passionate fighter for liberation.

Bantu Stephen Biko: he is a thirty-year-old black man, married to Ntsiki and they have a boy. Biko is a serious, well educated man who is the founder and leader of the South African "Black Consciousness" movement. He advocates the non-violent fight for liberty, however he is prosecuted by the police and called the "Black racist" by his enemies.

The story takes place in the 70’s. It’s about the resistance of the blacks to the apartheid legacy in South Africa in the late seventies. Moreover it tells the story of the growing friendship between two men different in race, standard of living and at first even world view. The story begins with a police raid in a black shantytown of Crossroads outside Cape Town in November 1975.Everywhere are pictures of Steve Biko and the words “Black Consciousness”. The settlers are treated badly. The police punches them, chases them with dogs and they are also using tear gas. In the Radio they say that illegal settlers were sent...
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