Critically evaluation the attempts to improve housing conditions for the poor in one named city in an emerging economy

Topics: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, London Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: March 30, 2014
Critically evaluation the attempts to improve housing conditions for the poor in one named city in an emerging economy. (10) 1. P K Das
Architect; Chairperson of the Mumbai Waterfronts Centre - His firm P K Das and Associates’ wide spectrum of work includes projects in urban planning and design, architecture, interiors and social and environmental sectors. His current planning and architectural works include townships, industries, a stadium, museum, public places of historical significance, Mumbai’s waterfronts, holiday homes, clubs and resorts, schools and institutes, corporate offices and call centers, large-scale housing and individual residences. `Sangharsh Nagar` - Slum Rehabilitation

The project involves the rehabilitation of slum-dwellers evicted from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The rehabilitation site at Chandivali, measuring about 34 hectares, will constitute a comprehensive and all-inclusive new town. The town, with 18,362 houses, includes a large, 1.6- hectare maidan as its central, social space. Two more playgrounds and over 60 community open spaces enliven its outdoors. More than 14 schools, medical facilities, including two hospitals, two large community halls and religious institutions, constitute its social infrastructure. Schools and community halls are annexed to these open spaces and playgrounds. Each 22.5-square-metre, well-lit and adequately ventilated house comprises a room and kitchen with a balcony and toilet; Each cluster comprises two societies with 550 houses and 16 common units for balwadis, society offices, crèches, a women’s centre and other common facilities.

2. Mr. Mukesh Mehta
CEO, Project Management Consultant, the state-appointed consultant for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) Seventy thousand residents of Dharavi want to have a say in the state's redevelopment plan to demolish their houses and build a new township. Dharavians complain the DRP doesn't even require their consent unlike other slum...
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