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Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pornography, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Issue Report Letter: Is Exposure to Pornography Related to Increased Rates of Rape?

Name: Amber KressDate: 4-22-13

State the issue in your own words:
Can Pornography Lead To Rape and Increased Rates of Rape?
State the pro position:
Diana E. H. Russell argues that the evidence is overwhelming that exposure to pornography is a major causal factor of rape. She utilizes the concept of "multiple causation" to explain the relationship between pornography and rape. State the con position:

Anthony D'Amato contends that the incidence of rape has declined 85% in the last 25 years while access to pornography via the Internet has become more widely available to teenagers and adults. Discuss the main areas of disagreement:

Diana Russell argues that the evidence is overwhelming and that exposure to pornography in the main factor in rape cases. Anthony D'Amato argues the the incidence of rape has actually declined in the last 25 years even being accessed to the Internet. D'Amato concludes that "Internet porn has thoroughly demystified sex," and has resulted in substantial decreases in rape and sexual assault. Diana argues excessive exposure to pornographic materials has long been associated with aberrant sexual behavior. Anthony's analysis of the relationship between exposure to pornography on the Internet and declining rates and sexual assault. State your opinion on the issue and explain WHY:

I think pornography can definitely lead to rape because not everyone who watches porn gets sexual gratification out of it. So the only choice they believe they have is find a girl and rape her, after she tells him no. The more pornographic material that is exposed, the more likely a female is going to be raped, like Diana Russell stated, porn is the main element in rape cases. It is NOT okay for any female to held against her will and forced to have sex because a man can't get sexual gratification out of watching porn. NO MEANS NO! And that's the way it should be....
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