criminal investigation

Topics: Evidence law, Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Scientific method Pages: 5 (704 words) Published: November 30, 2013
The quiz is multiple
choice and will c
ontain material from Chapters
5 & 7 and Powerpoints.
Some items to focus on include:
Examination of Physical Evidence
Individual Characteristics
Class Characteristics
Significance of Physical Evidence
Forensic Databases
MurderScene: Death and Autopsies
Estimating the time of death
Rigor mortis
Livor mortis
Algor mortis
Forensic Entomologist
History of Fingerprints
Henry System
Fundamental Principles of Fingerprints

Ulnar and Radial
Classification of Fingerprints
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
Methods of Detecting Fingerprints
Preservation of Developed Prints
The quiz is multiple
choice and will c
ontain material from Chapters 1 (pages 24
and websites.
Some items to focus on include:
The Frye standard
Daubert Ruling
The admissibility of scientific examinations in federal courts Mincey
v. Arizona
rye v. United States
Federal Rules of Evidence 702
Coppolino v. State
Expert Witness
Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
U.S. Constitution
k Decision
Probable Cause
Warrantless Searches
Fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine
alid arrest warrant
lain view search
Circumstantial evidence
Explain the different approaches espoused by the Frye and Daubert decisions to the admissibility of scientific evidence in the court room. -In the Frye Vs. United States the court ruled that in order to be admitted as evidence at trial, the questioned procedure, technique,or principles must be "generally accepted" by a meaningful segment of the relevant scientific community. It requires the proponent of a scientific test to present to the court. It also determines whether a novel technique meets criteria associated with "general acceptance". Some courts believe espoused a more flexible standard admitting scientific. In Daubert vs Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc, U.S Supreme court asserted that "general acceptance", is not absolute prerequisite to the admissibility of scientific evidence of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Task of ensuring the expert's testimony rest on reliable foundation and is relevant to the case. Many state courts are expected to use this decision as a guideline in setting standards for the admissibility of scientific evidence.

What are the guidelines for admitting scientific expert testimony when dealing with Frye and Daubert? (1) Whether the scientific technique or theory can be (and has been) tested (2) Whether the technique or theory has been subject to peer review and publication (3) The technique's potential rate of error

(4) The existence and maintenance of standards controlling the technique's operation (5) Whether the scientific theory or method has attracted widespread acceptance within a relevant scientific community

How do you define physical evidence ?

Physical evidence is evidence that's examined by a forensic scientist for determining a substances physical or chemical identity.

Name a piece of physical evidence a crime scene investigator may encounter at a crime scene.

Fingerprints which (also includes palm prints and bare footprints)

How did you choose this piece of evidence ?

I choose prints because it can be one the best pieces of evidence placing an individual at the scene of a crime. In most of the time the suspect will slip up on something or forget to

wipe down something.

How would you document and properly package this evidence ?

Processing all non-movable items at scene using gray powder, black powder, or black magnetic powder. And polaroid 665 black and white film loaded in a polaroid CU-5 camera with

detachable flash used for making one-to-one photographs of prints, which do not readily lift. Some investigators may even use handheld wand that heats up superglue and florescent

dye. The...
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