Crime Scene Report

Topics: Security, Victim, The Victim Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Kalee Rustvold
April 10, 2013
C .J. 110
Assignment #1
Case Number: RB/H201/505
Incident: Burglary; Homicide
Reporting Officer: Officer Kalee Rustvold Date of Report: 04 April 2013 At about 2200 hours on 04 April 2013, I received a call from dispatch, stating there were shots fired at the McDonalds located at 6561 Edinger Ave. I proceeded to the Location of 6561 Edinger Ave. while in route to the location I was advised by dispatch that they received a call from a responding person who is located at the 76 gas station that is across the street from the McDonalds. RP stated that they heard approximately 10 shots fired from the McDonalds, and saw a 1990’s Honda or Toyota leaving the McDonalds area at a high rate of speed, heading NB on Edwards St., after 3 shots had been fired. RP later advised dispatch that no one had left the McDonalds Location. Dispatch then advised me that calls into the McDonalds location have gone unanswered. Dispatch then advised me that the security guard for the bank across Edward St. from the McDonalds, has stated that he saw a pacific blue Honda civic leaving the location at a high rate of speed, heading NB on Edwards St., Security Guard also stated he saw a white male approximately 5’10”, white t-shirt, black Dickies pants, running away from the location with his shirt hanging around his neck, and hopping the wall behind the Liquor store, into the residential neighborhood.

Upon my arrival near 6561 Edinger Ave, I parked my vehicle on Belfast St., which is to the east of the McDonalds location. I then entered the parking lot through residential yards that were located between Belfast St. and the McDonalds. I advised dispatch to advise CHP and Westminster PD of possible suspect Vehicle headed NB on Edwards St., I then positioned myself in the front of Georges Mexican Food, which is the building directly next to the McDonalds to the east....
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