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Topics: Atmosphere, Ozone depletion, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: February 1, 2014
Staff Members:

Dr. Miniskoro- This professor’s area of expertise is focused on the Greenhouse effect. He has single-handedly developed alternatives for factories to reduce pollution output. He has won many awards for his research, Motto: “Keep the mind open to possibilities.”

Dr. Risowski- This professor specializes in the research and development of generator ozone equipment. While the research is not complete, he teaches classes that further the development of this type of equipment in order to combat damage to the Ozone layer. This professor has a research lab that is active and used by his students so that they can contribute to the research of this school. Motto: “There is an answer for every problem; the solution is there and waiting to be found.” Professor Prendin: This teacher has done extensive research in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical field to understand the effects of pollution on the human body, specifically the lungs. Motto: “Science is just a puzzle we have to put together.”

Doctor Menick: This teacher specializes in measuring the amount of pollution in the air. He is also able to predict future amounts that will be in the air. Motto: “Saving the world is everyone’s job.”

Course List:

Core Classes:
Calculations of Ozone-ology
In this math class, student will learn the advanced calculation skills needed to make predictions and find patterns in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Higher level thinking skills and problem solving are cornerstones to this required class.

Science of Ozone-ology
Students will learn to analyze the basic features and elements of the ozone layer. This course provides basic information that allows students to discover the mission of our school and explore the reason we study the ozone’s depletion and its effects.

Reading of Ozone-ology
In this Language Arts class, students will learn the necessary vocabulary and reading skills needed to be able to comprehend...
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