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Topics: Source code, Medical imaging, Language Pages: 4 (745 words) Published: February 24, 2013
a. CPT Symbols, what they are and what they mean

* Bullet = New Code

* Pound Symbol (#) = re-sequenced code

* ▲Triangle = Revised Code

* ►◄ Right and Left Triangels = Beginning and Ending of Text Change

* + Plus = Add-on Code
Can only be used with another specific code
Never used alone
No reduction for multiple services
Full list in Appendix D of CPT
* Circle with line- 51 Cannot Be Used with these codes

CPT Appendix E contains a listing of -51 exempt codes
Services typically exempt from multiple procedure reductions * O Circle=Recycled or Reinstated Code
Circle symbol identifies codes previously published in CPT

b. Stand alone codes, what they are and an example

Stand alone codes: Only the stand-alone codes have the full description. Example:
26010Drainage of the finger abscess; simple
26011 complicated (eg, felon)

c. Indented codes, how they work with stand alone codes

Indented codes: are listed under associated stand-alone codes. It is understood that description for indented codes include that portion of the stand-alone code description that precedes the semicolon.

d. Role of the semicolon in code descriptions
The purpose of the semicolon is to save space

e. Add on codes, what they are and how they are used
Add on codes: Appendix D in the CPT manual lists all add-on codes. The plus symbol (+) placed in front of a code indicates an add-on code

f. Modifiers, what they are and how they are used
Modifiers: provide additional information to the third-party payer about services provided to a patient. * At times, the 5-digit CPT code may not reflect completely the service or procedure provided. * Because numeric codes, not written procedure descriptions, are required by third-party payers, additional numbers or letters may be added to the basic 5-digit code to modify the CPT code and provide further specificity. * These additional modifiers may be 2 numbers, 2 letters...
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