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Topics: Economics, Mathematics, Linear algebra Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: February 26, 2013


First Semester 2011-2012

Lecturer:Dr. Tirso B. Paris, Jr., Professor
Office::Room 3, Economics Department, CEM
Consultation Hours:10:00-12:00 a.m. 4:00-5:00 p.m. TTh or by appointment Telephone Nos.:536-2505 (office); 536-2528 (home), 0917-323-7294 (cell),
Course Website:

TEXTBOOK: Chiang, Alpha C. and Kevin Wainwright. Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, 4rd ed., McGraw-Hill International Edition, 2005.

1.Introduction [Note: Read Chaps. 1 & 2 on your own]1, 2 2.Economic Models and Static Analysis3
3. Elements of Matrix Algebra4
4. Determinants, Singularity, Inverse Matrix and Cramer’s Rule 5.1-5.6 5. Input-Output Models 5.7

first exam

6. Comparative Statics and Review of Derivatives6
7. Rules of Differentiation and the Use in Comparative Statics7 8. Differentials, Total Derivatives and Implicit Functions 8.1-8.5 9. Comparative Static Analysis of General Models 8.6

second exam

10.Optimization Without Constraints: One Choice Variable 9.1-9.4 11.Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Growth Rates10 12. Optimization of Functions With More Than One Choice Variable 11.1-11.4 13. Economic Applications: Price Discrimination and

Multi-product firm models 11.5- 11.6
14. Constrained Optimization: Utility Maximization and Consumer Demand 12. 1-12.5 15. Homogeneous Functions, Cost Minimization and Elasticity of Substitution 12.6-12.7

third exam

GRADING:Pre-final grade = Three long exams (85%) + Quizzes and Exercises (15%) Final Grade = Pre-final grade (60%) + Final Exam (40%)


1. For students with pre-final grade of 3.0 or better and who have taken all three exams, the final exam is optional. 2. No make-up...
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