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Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Cultural studies, Culture Pages: 2 (1072 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Course TitleCross Cultural Management Course CodeBUS 415 Year of Study4 Number of Credits3 credits Duration in Weeks14 weeks Contact Hours Per Week Lecture (1.25 hours) Tutorial (1.75 hours) Pre-requisite Course(s)Introduction to Business Business Organization Management Lecturer ContactDr. Lubanski LAM Email HYPERLINK Office Room 703 Library Complex Course Aims The study of the cross cultural management provides students with the exploring of concepts and issues of cross cultural management in a globalization context. Students will learn to identify and address the cultural differences of management practices in selected countries and regions. They would also learn how to manage the cultural diversity workforce in a multi-national corporation. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to 1.analyze and consolidate theories/concepts/models in relation to various dimensions of cross-cultural management and examine cultural differences and the process of globalization influence management2.identify cultural differences of management practices in selected countries and explore the cross-cultural management issues of a multi-national corporation3.develop skills to conduct research across countries with different cultural contexts 4.examine the cultural system of a particular country, identify the major issues of doing business in that country, and resolve different cross-cultural conflicts in business and management5.communicate and work effectively in a cross-cultural environment and manage a team with diverse background6.critically review the ethical and religious issues of cross-cultural management Course Schedule Study ScheduleLecture Topics and Tutorial ActivitiesMaterialsCILOSep 10, 11, 12, 13a. Globalization and Cross-cultural Management b. Determinants of culture c. Dimensions of culture in business Class...
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