Counselling in a Diverse Society

Topics: Middle class, Working class, Upper class Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Counselling in a diverse Society.
The issues can be generalised and classified under the headings of Race, Gender, Religion, Class and Disability. These headings could be subdivided again, example, Class. Class immediately conjures people from three main “stereotypical” sub groups, Upper. Middle and Lower or working class. Rogers said ******* “to arrive at a successful therapeutic level with a client then we have to be truly congruent with the individual. We know from early child development and from the effects on people from their own upbringing that we have opinions and experiences shaped by our own experiences of upbringing, we make assumptions based on perceptions taught to us by our parents, by our own circumstances and by comparing others, so how can a person be truly congruent and understanding of a client if they come from another “world” from their own? They can’t, but to appreciate that such diversity exists, by accepting it then at least the therapist is being honest to themselves and to their client. Either accept it and get on with it, or get out of the process with that client, which satisfies one of the fundamentals of the BACP, namely the best interest of the client and the protection of the client being paramount. The above example is a classic case of stereotyping, during the 1950’s a person’s mode of dress clearly demonstrated their class, scruffy working cloths, a man in a cap and unkempt hair and boots was “obviously” from working class stock and lower class, the man in a ill fitting suit and collar and tie with a limited wardrobe and maybe a car was considered middle class while the slightly polished accent individual, impeccably dressed with a variety of cloths, and worked as something in the city was considered upper-class. Now while I have just done what I am trying to illustrate, namely stereotyping, we could not generally apply those criteria today can we, cloths simply don’t represent what is actually the person inside them. Todays...
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