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Control is the last function of management. If there is any imperfection in the planning & actual performance, control will be needed. The deviations are set right by the controlling function. Planning identifies the activities & controlling regulates the activities.

Management involves coordinating men & material resources towards achievement of objectives. Individual & organisational behavior involves a continuing sequence of planning, implementing, controlling cycle. Controlling is a process of monitoring actual performance, & taking corrective measure, if required.

1. Harold Koontz defines “Management control implies the measurement of accomplishment against the standard & the correction of deviations to assure attainment of objectives according to plans.”

2. George Terry defines “Controlling is determining what is being accomplished, that is, evaluating the performance, & if necessary, applying corrective measures so that the performance takes place according to the plans.”


A good control system offers the following advantages:
1. Guide to Operations: Control system guides the actions of the organisation activities are undertaken in right direction. It acts as a traffic signal post, & keeps the activities moving on the right track.

2. Raises Employee Morale: Control system improves the morale of employees & also goodwill of the organisation through the achievement of pre-determines objectives in terms of quality, costs etc.

3. Facilitates Co-ordination:
Controlling facilitates co-ordination among the various departments of the organisation. When deviations occur, the concerned departments come together to review & take collective & corrective measures.

4. Facilitates performance appraisal:
Control system facilitates employee appraisal. The actual performance is measured in the light...
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