Constantine the great

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Constantine the Great

FULL NAME- Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Magnus(constantine the great) (son of Constantius Chlorus and Helena, married to Fausta, he had four children, and was eventually succeeded by constantine II.)

BIRTH/DEATH- Born in Naissus, rome in 285, he died in March of 337.

RULED- During Constantine's rule over Rome from 308-337. His reign as emperor of Rome marked one of the major turning points Roman history and in European history as a whole. he was loved by the people of Rome because he made significant changes for the better.

ACHIEVEMENTS/IMPACTS/REFORMS- Constantine reformed the Western Empire. He developed the hierarchical system of state dignitaries established by Diocletian (the former ruler). Constantine was a great leader known for the changes he made to Rome, he is very well known for his support and promotion of Christianity, which up to his day had been a weak, looked down upon,hated, and often persecuted faith. Another piece of Constantine's reign as emperor of rome most remembered was when just after constantine was named the western emperor; Maxentius marched him and his troops into Rome and seized the city. Illegally naming himself the new Emperor. But Constantine did not tolerate this for a minute, as he then rallied his troops and invaded, he Killed maxentius and most of his men. Constantine also acted as mediator of several serious arguments and problems that occurred among the bishops. The most famous example was the council held in 325 at Nicaea. More than two hundred bishops attended, establishing important points of church. Both Christianity and the Empire as a whole also benefited from Constantine’s prodigious building programs, particularly his founding of the city of Constantinople in 330.

MAJOR EVENTS- Constantine even attempted to plan for the better of the people after his death. By 333 his three surviving sons had been brought up to the rank of Caesar along with two of his...
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