Conflict Managnet

Topics: Employment Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: June 18, 2012
1.) Do you believe achieving absolute consensus is possible, or do most group processes result in achieving only modified consensus in which one or more members are not in complete agreement regarding the decision ultimately reached? Discuss. I believe that it is possible to achieve absolute consensus. But it may be better off to not have all parties agreeing. To achieve absolute consensus will take time but insisting on it may prove to be counterproductive when there is a need for a quick decision is needed. The practical approach is modified consensus decision making in which the group does not require agreement among all members. This approach gives everyone the opportunity to have their opinion heard.

2.) Some practitioners believe progressive discipline is an effective tool for returning employees to acceptable levels of performance. Others believe that once you begin progressive discipline, you have essentially eliminated any possibility of ever returning to a productive, positive working relationship with an employee. What is your view?

My views on progressive discipline are that the rules need to be written in black and white. If the employee makes a violation of the rules the employee and the employer will know what the consequence is, ever action has a reaction. This will also keep for showing favorites as well as keeping the manager responsible for any miss conduct that they see happening. Every employee needs to be held to a set of standards that keeps the business at a professional level.

What do these views say about the possibility for resolving conflict in the workplace? With progressive discipline there is a possibility to resolve a conflict in the workplace. Knowing that someone has rules to follow and that the manager is only doing what has been laid out for them will keep the manager and employee accountable. I don’t think that it will be an easy conflict to manage but without the guidelines to follow it would be left to...
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