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Topics: People's Republic of China, Deng Xiaoping, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Conference Week 8
1.What led to the traumatic events in Tiananmen Square in 1989? Why did China's leadership react to the students as they did? How would you characterize political reform in China under Deng Xiaoping and his successors?

The reasons that led to the event in Tiananmen Square in 1989 are because of the challenge of the reforms and the invasion of freedom and democracy. The event started from the death of famous Chinese governor Hu, Yaobang. In year 1989, Fang Lizhi, famous poet Bei Dao, and other intellectuals asked the Government to seize the opportunity to open up the political environment. Also National People's Congress proposed to combine together to promote "the democratization of the political, social and cultural and economic reform. So students suggest emphasizing the flexibility and openness of Chinese Politics. They also urged he government to grants the rights of freedom of expression that would allow the kind of lively intellectual exchange considered essential to real scientific and economic progress. So start from April 15th, students started to initiate a two-month movement in Tiananmen Square and sparked nationwide demonstrations. Chinese leaders initially react to students by wanted to have an open talk with them. Li Peng did invite the hunger strike leaders to one meeting but it went badly. Later, Zhao Ziyang and Li Peng talked with strikers and urged them to end their fasts. Since the talk cannot settle down the event. Later Premier Li Peng and the president of China, Yang Shangkun declared martial law and ordered unites of the People’s Liberation Army brought into Beijing to clear the square. On the day of June 4th, many students got shoot by the People’s Liberation Army. Deng Xiaoping’s position had been seriously weakened by the events of 1989. The headlong rush to embrace the West had led to an erosion of Chinese Communist values, produced severe imbalances with the Chinese economy and threatened serious...
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