Concern About Soil Loss Relates to the Idea That Our Ability to Produce Food Will Diminish; However, Human Ingenuity Has Always Seemed to Find Ways to Increase Agricultural Yield.

Topics: Agriculture, Land degradation, Food Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Concern about soil loss relates to the idea that our ability to produce food will diminish; however, human ingenuity has always seemed to find ways to increase agricultural yield.

We should definitely be concerned with soil erosion. According to our text, the Earth's topsoil is being degraded by forestry, agriculture and pollution. Since soil is irreplaceable and promotes the nutrient cycle as well as treating waste, a system must be put into place to ensure this resource does not disappear. Policy and stewardship are two solutions recommended by author. (Wright)

A paper written by David Pimental fro the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell. University address population growth and the decrease in suitable cropland. Pimental writes that overall soil loss is 10-40 times greater than the rate of soil renewal which puts human food sources in jeopardy.

“Concerning future food security, where cropland degradation is allowed to occur,crop productivity is significantly reduced.” (Pimental)

Concern about industrial farming relates to the idea that current agriculural practices in nations rely in peril genetic engineering, consolidate waste, and use huge inputs of oil energy and roppesticides. However, some argue that the “pros” outweigh the “cons” of mass production--even if surrounding land and water systems are sometimes negatively impacted. What does research show?


1. Put "soil loss" or "industrial farming" in the subject line to indicate which of these environmental issues your post discusses, then conduct research in regards to whether or not we should be concerned.

2. Explain your findings in detail, providing an overview of the information you found; you must reference at least one outside resource (research) and one module resource within the text of your post. Read case study
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