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1.To save time, it is best to save a document only before you start it.

2.Like the text and factual information, it is necessary to cite the sources of images and photographs that you have copied from the Web.

3. To make it easy to quickly return to a favorite Web site, you can Bookmark it.

4.The term alignment refers to the way in which text is positioned between the left and right margins.

5.Pressing the Backspace key once erases the character to the left of the insertion point.

6.A font is the general shape and style of a character.

7.AND, OR, and NOT are examples of Boolean operators.

8.Four ways of aligning test are left, center, right, and justify.

9.The two ways to save a file are:
a)CTRL + S
b)Office Button, Save

10.Proofreaders’ marks are symbols used to indicate changes that need to be made to text.

11.The difference between the Cut command and the Copy command is: a)The Cut command removes the selected text and places it on the clipboard. b)The Copy command places the selected text on the clipboard without removing it from its current location.

12.If you were to enter two keywords joined by the Boolean operator AND, only Web pages containing both keywords will be located.

13.This is a left alignment.
This is a center alignment. This is a right alignment.

14.The scissors button is the one you should click to remove the selected text from a document.

15.If you are uncertain how to create a new folder, your word processor’s Help feature would be useful.

16.Folders are used to organize files, for example, by storing together all the documents for a particular class.

17.If you accidentally delete a word or group of words, you can get it back by choosing the Undo command.

18.A word processor’s...
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