Computer and its application

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The Computer Applications program is for students
who want to use the computer as a tool of
productivity. The General Education courses, in
conjunction with specialized courses, provide a
broad foundation and sharpen students' skills in
preparation for entry into or advancement in
today's workplace.
This curriculum, following the database systems
track, provides training, skills, and knowledge that
prepare students for employment as entry-level
database programmers and designers; or provides
current professionals with essential database
programming and design skills. Students will
create Microsoft Access and Web database
applications as well as write database user
interfaces in the Visual Basic.Net environment.
This curriculum, following the information
technology track, prepares students for a wide
variety of positions involving the use of application
software. Job possibilities include support in the
areas of accounting, finance, marketing, sales,
administration, and any area that requires the use
of computer applications as a necessary tool of
production. Emphasis is placed on the proficient
use of software applications as well as the ability
to use those applications as tools in decision
making, managing people and information,
communicating effectively, enhancing company
viability and addressing many of today's
technology challenges. This track provides
students with in-depth knowledge in more than
one application area and has the potential to lead
to Microsoft certification in those areas.
The computer applications program participates in
an interdisciplinary Web Careers program, which
includes an A.A.S. and four certificate curricula.
In addition, an AA. in computer gaming is offered
with three specialized tracks see Gaming for more

From a simple life that man used to
have centuries ago, our lives have
evolved so quickly, all because of a
powerful machine…the computer.
Everywhere you go, whatever we do,
we can see the amazing things that
the computer has been doing for us.
From the time we wake up, go to
school or to our offices, then back to
our homes for end-of-day activities,
we make use of gadgets and machines
powered by computers.
Then what are computers? Some say
that they are simple electronic devices
that accept inputs, process data and
produce outputs. Computers may be
simple but they can be very powerful.
Computers have begun to meet the
barrier imposed by the speed of light
in achieving higher speeds. This has
led to continuing research and
development. Continuing demand for
more processing power has led to
significant changes in computer
hardware and software architectures,
both to increase the speed of basic
operations and to reduce the overall
processing time.
Computers have changed society in
many ways. Computers are one of the
supreme and best inventions ever
made in the history of modern
technology. It has brought numerous
and countless advances to many
different fields of studies as well as in
the lives of many people. Today,
computers have changed how people
work and have opened new methods
and means of acquiring new
knowledge and skills. Computers are
now being used in various fields, from
education to medicine, businesses,
government, science, publishing and
industry. Through the computer and
the Internet, you'll be able to discover
new ways in getting hold of
informative and useful information in
almost any fields of studies,
something that is imaginable and
beyond what you can think of.
Information that is definitely ready at
your fingertips. Let us try to uncover
the benefits of computers and the
Internet in an individual's daily life.
Computers have been important
learning tools starting from toddlers
who have computer-aided toys giving
them joys to the older grade/high
school/collegiate students for their
research projects. Far-flung areas can
now be reached and...
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