Components of Indian Financial System

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Economic growth and development of any country depends upon a well-knit financial system. Financial system comprises, a set of sub-systems of financial institutions financial markets, financial instruments and services which help in the formation of capital. Thus a financial system provides a mechanism by which savings are transformed into investments and it can be said that financial system play an significant role in economic growth of the country by mobilizing surplus funds and utilizing them effectively for productive purpose.

The financial system is characterized by the presence of integrated, organized and regulated financial markets, and institutions that meet the short term and long term financial needs of both the household and corporate sector. Both financial markets and financial institutions play an important role in the financial system by rendering various financial services to the community. They operate in close combination with each other.

Financial System
The word "system", in the term "financial system", implies a set of complex and closely connected or interlined institutions, agents, practices, markets, transactions, claims, and liabilities in the economy. The financial system is concerned about money, credit and finance-the three terms are intimately related yet are somewhat different from each other. Indian financial system consists of financial market, financial instruments and financial intermediation

Role/ Functions of Financial System:
A financial system performs the following functions:
* It serves as a link between savers and investors. It helps in utilizing the mobilized savings of scattered savers in more efficient and effective manner. It channelises flow of saving into productive investment. * It assists in the selection of the projects to be financed and also reviews the performance of such projects periodically. * It provides payment mechanism for exchange of goods and services. * It provides a mechanism for the transfer of resources across geographic boundaries. * It provides a mechanism for managing and controlling the risk involved in mobilizing savings and allocating credit. * It promotes the process of capital formation by bringing together the supply of saving and the demand for investible funds. * It helps in lowering the cost of transaction and increase returns. Reduce cost motives people to save more. * It provides you detailed information to the operators/ players in the market such as individuals, business houses, Governments etc.

Components/ Constituents of Indian Financial system:
The following are the four main components of Indian Financial system 1. Financial institutions
2. Financial Markets
3. Financial Instruments/Assets/Securities
4. Financial Services.

Financial institutions:
Financial institutions are the intermediaries who facilitates smooth functioning of the financial system by making investors and borrowers meet. They mobilize savings of the surplus units and allocate them in productive activities promising a better rate of return. Financial institutions also provide services to entities seeking advises on various issues ranging from restructuring to diversification plans. They provide whole range of services to the entities who want to raise funds from the markets elsewhere. Financial institutions act as financial intermediaries because they act as middlemen between savers and borrowers. Were these financial institutions may be of Banking or Non-Banking institutions.

Financial Markets:
Finance is a prerequisite for modern business and financial institutions play a vital role in economic system. It's through financial markets the financial system of an economy works. The main functions of financial markets are: 1. to facilitate creation and allocation of credit and liquidity; 2. to serve as intermediaries for mobilization of savings;

3. to assist process of balanced economic growth;
4. to provide financial...
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