Competitive Intellingence Syllabus

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A.Y. 2012-2013

Università della Svizzera Italiana

Competitive Intelligence

(3 Credits)

Gianluca Colombo, Carmine Garzia

Competitive intelligence is the continuous monitoring of rival’s business models and performances and the analysis of competitive dynamics evolution in a certain industry. Information collected through competitive intelligence activities are used by top management to support strategic decision making. The course in centered on techniques and tools to support competitive intelligence analysis.

The course will address the following issues:

1. strategic analysis of competitors’ positioning;

2. competitors’ performance analysis;

3. tools (software, analytical tools, protocols) used to conduct competitive intelligence activities.

The course is based on case discussion and in-class assignment.


Valuation (grades 0-10) is based on a written exam. The exam is based on a case analysis. Further detailed information will be published on the web platform before the end of the course.

Up to 3 points of bonus to be ADDED to the final written exam grade can be achieved thanks to in-class group works (students must obtain more than 5/10 at the final exam to have added their bonus points). Groups should be composed by 3 to 5 students.

We have planned 4 group works to be done mostly in class, each group work will be evaluated according to the following scale: 0-0.5-1. Only students that will be present at the specific group work will be eligible for the bonus point.

To take part to group assignments and be eligible for bonus points students must register to the course website that is on-line on the e-courses platform.

Please read the cases in advance, before coming to the class.

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Class plan

| |Date |Teacher |Topic |Case |Guest Speaker | |1 |9/03/13...
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