Comparison Between Drosophila and Honeybees

Topics: DNA, Gene, Genetics Pages: 4 (728 words) Published: May 27, 2013
1)Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions by lowering the
-Activation energy
2)The process of influencing the chemical bonds in a way that lowers the ___ needed to speed up a chemical reaction is called catalysis -activation energy
3) protein catalysts that speed up the various metabolic biological reactions in an orgranism are called 4) Oxidation and reduction reactions are chemical processes that result in a gain or loss in -electrons

5) the specificity of an enzyme is due to its activite site. The active site is shaped so that only a certain -substrate molecule can fit into it
6) glucose is broken down to carbon dioxide and water in organisms which breathe air in a process called ____ respiration aerobic
7)chemiosmotic generation of atp is driven by
- a difference in H+ concentration on two sides of the mitochondrial membrane 8) a molecule that stores energy by linking charged phosphate groups near each other is called -ATP
9)when oxygen is limiting, during heavy exercise, muscle cells revert to _____ fermentation for energy production -lactid acid
10) the first stage of cellular respiration ____ occurs with or without oxygen present -glycosis

Chapters 10/11

1)in the human body cells (non-sex cells) contain two sets of chromosomes totaling 46

2)each chromosome has a _____ a point of constriction containing certain repeated DNA sequences that bind specific proteins centromere

3)prophase is the first stage of mitosis characterized by the ____ of the chromosomes condensation

4)the attachment of which molecules is critical for the proper separation of sister chromatids? microtubules

5)the accommodation of the very long dna fiber into a limited space of the nucleus is achieved by coiling around beads of histones into repeating subunits. These subunits of chromosomes are given the name nucleosomes

6) which of the following produces identical cells?

*7)a process in which pairs of homologous complex chromosomes...
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