Comparing Plants and Animal Cells Lab

Topics: Cell, Eukaryote, Cell wall Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

Hypothesis: I predict I will see the following organelles when observing a plant and animal cell under a microscope: the cell membrane, cell wall, nucleus, and the endoplasmic reticulum.

Frog Blood:
1. The shape of the frog blood cell was in a circle, or oval. The edges were a little irregular, but it could still be identified as, basically, a circular shape. 2. The cells were produced by an animal, a frog.

3. The cell wall was not present since the cell observed was from a frog, and animal, and only plants have cell walls, not animals. 4. The location of the cell membrane near the outside of the cell. 5. The function of the cell membrane is to protect the cell and regulate what substances enter and leave the cell. It also forms a barrier between the cytoplasm and outside environment. 6. The cytoplasm is located all throughout the cell.

7. The cytoplasm was a little hard to see since it was clear, a looking a little bit like water. Looking closely, you can see that the cytoplasm creates a sort of blurred appearance. 8. The function of the cytoplasm is to support and protect the organelles of the cell.

Elodia Leaf:
1. The cell of the elodia leaf was narrowly shaped, like an oval with sometimes straight edges. 2. An elodia is a plant.
3. The cell wall is present since the observed cell belonged to a plant, and cell walls are only found in plant cells. 4. The chloroplasts were a type of yellowish color, almost brown. The chloroplasts are probably what gave the elodia a muddy looking hue. 5. The chloroplasts were small and hard to see, looking like a small, circular dot. 6. The function of the chloroplasts are to capture energy from sunlight and use it to create food for the cell.

Onion Skin:
1. The shape of the onion cell is best described as a rectangle, with slightly rounded edges. 2. Onion cells are produced from plants....
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