Compare & Contrast Notes: Mughal Empire & Ottoman Empire

Topics: Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent Pages: 3 (462 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Compare & Contrast: Mughal India and Ottoman Empire

I. Government

A. Leaders
A1. Akbar the Great - Mughal Empire
Ai. More successful
Ai(i). Reason - Consolidated rule
Aii. Hierarchy of power
Aiii. Tolerance
A2. Suleiman the Magnificent - Ottoman Empire
Ai. Less successful
Aii. Reign of him marked the golden ages (Same with Mughal Empire)
Aii(i). Death → Downfall of the empire (Same with Mughal Empire)

B. Government Structure - Islamic & Local cultures
B1. Power
Bi. Divided into provinces (Each one has a landlord) ← Mughal Empire
Bii. The landlord collects taxes from people ← Mughal Empire
Biii. Sultan had complete control/power over the people ← Ottoman Empire
Biii(i). Refers himself to “Protector of the Sacred Places”
Biii(i)(i). Ruled over Mecca, Medina, & Jerusalem
Biiii. Overall: Created a formal division of powers, hierarchy among offices, and                                administrative system.
Bi.Women rights - Mughal Empire
Bi. Giving them more rights (Mughal Empire)
Bi(i). Part of the reason of success
Bii. Can fight in wars
Biii. Participate in business activities & have a voice or say in things
Biiii. Respected and educated well

II. Trade & Architecture

A. Art & Architecture
A1. Architectures (Both Empires)
Ai. Architectures (Famous one) ← Ottoman Empire
Ai. Istanbul mosque
Aii. Muhammad mosque
Aiii. Suleymaniye mosque
Aii Art (Ottoman Empire)
Aii(i). Pottery
Aii(ii). Rugs
Aiii. Architectures (Famous one) ← Mughal Empire
Aiii(i). Taj Mahal
Aiii(i)(i). Known as a “Monument of breathtaking wonder”
Aiiii. Art (Mughal Empire)
Aiiii(i). Encouraged artists to imitate European art forms, including                                                           perspective and lifelike portraits.

A2. Trade
Ai. Goods (Mughal Empire)
Ai(i). Diamonds...
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