Compare and Contrast the Tide Rises, the Tide Falls and a Psalm of Life

Topics: Poetry, Life, Rhyme Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Form: The Tide- Quintain 3 stanzas, 5 lines; iambic tetrameter Psalm- Quatrain 9 stanzas, 4 lines, trochaic tetrameters Subject: The Tide- Death; Psalm- Death
Poetic Devices for the Tide: Repition (The tide rises/ falls;) anaphora (the sea, the sea; the tide, the tide) ; Personification (The wave's hands, the sea in the darkness calls, ) ; Rhyme scheme (AABBA; AACCA; AADDA) Alliteration (Steeds in their stalls stamp; curlew calls; sea-sands; toward the town) Onomatopoeia-neigh Psalm- rhyme (abab); paradox ( life is but an empty dream!) similie (Still, like muffled drums, are beating; be not like dumb, driven cattle) imagery; Imagery: The Tide- "He uses imagery of the waves with soft white hands effacing the footprints in the sand to show nature washing away human beings traces of life. Twilight darknes; darkness on the roofs, morning breaks, stamp and neigh, hostler calls, curlew calls. He also uses heavy nature imagery to show that nature moves on even after a humans life is lost." Psalms- Imagery was used with "and our hears, though stout and brave still, like muffled drums, are beating; in the world's broad field of battle, in the bivouac of Life(represents life being a battle because bivouac is a campsite that soldiers set up); Thematic statements: The Tide "The day returns, but nevermore returns the traveller to the shore, and the tide rises, the tide falls" Psalm- "Not enjoyment and not sorry, is our destined end or way: But to act, that each tomorrow find us farther than today." Tone: The Tide- "Resigned" Psalm "inspiring"

Organization: The Tide- "The clusters of images the poet creates for you and the pattern of the poem unifies the work" Psalm- Throughout the poem he uses imagery and builds on the idea that death is not the end of our life and that there is something after. Attitudes- The tide- The author feels that the life of humans are insignificant and after death, life goes on without taking notice" Psalm- He feels that people should seize...
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