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In order to be successful as a professional in the United States, most of the jobs require an academic certificate, such as bachelors or associates degree. Each year due to the fact that education is more requested in the workplace, people are seeking a degree. When it comes to education the public does not know the difference between a community college and a university. They both are similar but there are things that make them different. Community college and universities are different from each other because, community colleges only offer either a diploma or associates degree where as a universities offers bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Community colleges have programs and degrees that only take at most two years. Universities have degrees that take at least four years for a bachelors and longer for masters or doctorate. In community colleges the time frame and the amount of tuition is focused around working parents. Universities are more focused on teenagers that are just out of high school that may have a job but can focus on school and nothing more.

With the current working force, in my opinion community colleges are better because it gives that student more freedom to go to school on their own time. In community colleges students are able to go to school because of flexibility and a lot of available classes. With a university, school is the students full-time job, so somebody with a family would have to choose which would have to suffer.
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