Community Policing

Topics: Police, Crime, Crime prevention Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: October 11, 2013
1.Both forms of policing require the input from the community, but are applied differently. Community policing requires citizens to work proactively with law enforcement; however, “POP” is aimed at solving community problems by grouping community incidents to identify possible causes (pg. 4, 86) 2.SARA model stands for Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment. (pg. 100-101) S. In the past year there have been 150 car burglaries, and the year before 70. Which gangs that live in the area, and what are they known for? Talk to the people around the neighborhoods, and the owners of the vehicles. Ask the local business owners about recent purchased and sold merchandise. A. Study the problem. Does the car burglar have an M.O.? Is there a witness who can give a description: older, younger, seen alone, or in a group? Compare and contrast crime scenes, was there any physical evidence, finger or footprints? R. search for a wide range of solutions. Start with encouraging people to secure there vehicles, and use the media to get the word out so people can be more aware of the problem. This may also make the burglars feel that the police are on to them and might be enough to reduce or stop the issue in itself. Heavier patrol the affected areas. Set up or use public surveillance. Bait the burglars with a trap. A. collect data after the response to see if the problem has been eliminated or reduced. After responding to the areas most affected by the burglaries we have seen a dramatic difference in the car burglaries in the areas. There are still some ongoing issues in more rural parts of the community, but overall a dramatic reduction. The three different eras of policing: political, reform also known as the progressive, and community. To me I’m not really sure how these three different eras are any the same other than the most obvious fact that during the each era the main objective of law enforcement was to protect their community. But these three eras couldn’t be more...
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