Community Health Teaching

Topics: Obesity, Hypertension, Myocardial infarction Pages: 7 (2006 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
Presented by Arokia Jesuraj, Daisy joseph, Jamie Rusek, & mercy Thomas. Secondary prevention/screening for a vulnerable population of Arab Americans in Sterling height, Michigan

Planning Before Teaching:
Name and Credentials of Teacher: Arokia Jesuraj, Daisy joseph, Jamie Rusek, & mercy Thomas.| Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:Two hours| Location of Teaching:ACCESS Community Health -CenterMacomb4301 E. Fourteen Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48310Phone (586) 722-6036| Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:Handouts computer ,overhead projector, screen, picture board, weighing scale, blood pressure cuff, glucometer, questionnaire, pencils and papers.| Estimated Cost:250 dollars| Community and Target Aggregate: Arab Americans In Sterling height, Michigan.| Topic: Secondary prevention/screening for cardiovascular disease & adult onset diabetes.|

Epidemiological Rationale for Topic (statistics related to topic):

Available resources indicate that the most prevalent health problem is adult-onset diabetes, and coronary artery disease is on the rise. A study of the prevalence of diabetes among 542 participants revealed a 15.5% prevalence rate in women and 20.1% in men. Further, the prevalence for undiagnosed diabetes was 10%. (Edelman 33). The most common leading causes of death among Arab females between the years 1989-1991 were: heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, accidents, and perinatal complications (Johnson, 1995). Among Arab males in the same period, the five leading causes of death were: heart disease; cancer; accidents; diabetes; and cerebrovascular diseases. Health behavior among Arab community members additionally harbors a number of negative health risks. Smoking and sedentary lifestyle both are common in the Arab community in comparison to the general population of Michigan. Moreover, stress resulting from the transition to a different society and the social and economic difficulties associated with this transition might be an important contributor to poor health outcomes among the Arab population.

Nursing Diagnosis:
Imbalanced Nutrition: More than Body Requirements (Gulanick 1051) Decreased Cardiac Output (Gulanick 261)
After migrating to United States most of them became sedentary due to various reasons, isolation of woman from men kept the woman from gym and exercising in public areas. Lack of employment and language increased the sedentary life style. Due to poor financial background and lack of insurance, many of the families does not follow health prevention through annual physical checks and screening process like blood pressure or sugar checks. The community is at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes due to knowledge deficit and life style.

Readiness for Learning: Identify the factors that would indicate the readiness to learn for the target aggregate. Include emotional and experiential readiness to learn. Readiness to learn is based on the past experiences such as cultural beliefs, cognitive development. Experimental and emotional readiness as well as the instructional method and the materials used. Language is an important component of culture and learning, other components like health beliefs and health practices are also influence learning. Features that would indicate learning readiness are that the community expresses an interest and verbalizes the importance of health maintenance and prevention of complications. This community will explore new sources for enhancing their knowledge on the disease, utilize all information and sources given to them and ask questions and clarify doubts.

Learning Theory to Be Utilized: Explain how the theory will be applied. Since the community speaks Arabic as their primary language VARK learning method is most effective with multidimensional method. The community consists of population with different level of education, age group and perception. Aural, visual, reading...
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