Communication Process

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Communication Process Worksheet

Think about a misunderstanding you have experienced with another person at work, school, or in a health care environment. Write your answers in paragraph form.

1. Briefly describe the misunderstanding, including the setting and the people involved.

At my previous employment, I was a cashier and a server at a buffet style restaurant. I was a new hire and was still going through the process of being trained. A large group of people came in. The individual training me said that since there were more than ten people in the group, I could add the gratuity to the check, instead of letting them leave it on the table, if the customers agreed to this. Shortly after completing my training, another group of people came in. These individuals had reserved a room for a party. I handled the situation as I had been shown during my training by asking if gratuity was going to be added to the check. I was informed that the individual who had reserved the room would see the servers personally for their gratuity. However, the servers received no gratuity and held it against me for not doing what I was supposed to. They were not aware that I had not been told that, in a case such as this, groups coming in for parties are automatically to be charge gratuity.

2. Complete the following table with information from your described misunderstanding.

|Question |Answer | |Who was the sender? |My trainer | |Who was the receiver? |I was | |What was the message? |To ask if gratuity is to be added to the check for a large group. | |What channel was used to send the message? |Oral...
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