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What is Communication?
Communication is derived from a Latin word Communis meaning common or shared. It belongs to a group of words that include; - Communion -Communism
Until you have shared information with another person, you have not communicated it. Communication is about sharing of information. Communication occurs when we share information and it is understood by the other person(s) the way you have understood it. Communication therefore is:

1)The process of creating a shared understanding (Barker 2000). 2)It is the negotiation of shared meaning (Payne 1998).
3)According to Adler and Rodman (2000) communication is the process of human beings responding to the symbolic behavior of other persons. THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS
The Sender initiates the communication. He or she has a need or desire to convey an idea, feeling, thought, concept, view etc . The receiver is the individual to whom the message is sent. The sender encodes the idea by selecting words, symbols, gestures etc with which to compose the message. The message is the outcome of the encoding which could be verbal, nonverbal, or written. The message is sent through a medium which is a carrier of the message or communication. It can be face-to-face, TV, email etc. The receiver decodes the received message into meaningful information. Feedback occurs when the receiver responds to the sender’s message and returns the message to the sender. Feedback allows the sender to determine whether the message has been received and understood. Noise or barriers occur at any level of the communication process.



Communication is a continuous ongoing process, for example, if your classmates Tells you,” You are Smart”. The interpretation of those words will depend on a long series of experiences stretching back in time. Such questions will cross your mind; 1)Has anyone judged my appearance today? 2)Am I really smart?

3)How is my relationship with the person commenting on my appearance? All these questions will help shape your response, in turn the words you speak and how you speak them will shape the way your classmate will behave towards you in this situation and in future. Communication is like a motion picture in which the meaning comes from the unfolding of an inter-related series of images, there are five aspects of the communication process: (1)The Communicator who is also called the Sender, Source, Encoder, originator. The sender has an idea to share with someone.He initiates the communication with the aim of conveying thoughts, ideas feelings or wishes. Roles

-Originates/initiates the message
-Encodes ideas into the message
-Sends the message
-Chooses the channel
-Receives the feedback
Encoding is the process by which the sender converts an idea into a message by using verbal and non-verbal mediums of communication. They can be words, signs, signals, symbols (2)Message which is also the content-it can be in form of- Symbols - Words - Pictures - Signs This is the thought or feeling that the sender encodes to the receiver. It is the content of communication which may be verbal, non-verbal, written etc Role

-bears the sender’s ideas and thoughts
- Determines the channel to be used
-Acts as a Link between the sender and audience
-Stimulates the sender to communicate
4.Channel which is also called the medium
It is the vehicle that carries the message to the receiver.
- Mass Media e.g Telephone, TV, radio -...
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