Communication in the Workplace

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: May 10, 2013
CU1530 Promote Communication in Health and Social Care Settings .1 Understand Why Effective Communication Is Important In The Work Setting 1.1 Identify The Different Reasons People Communicate

People communicate for a whole number of reasons, they may include the sharing of important or relevant information to ensure the smooth running of the services being provided or to ensure the safety and well being of an individual or group of people. People communicate to build healthy working relationships with colleagues and service users as well as any other individuals or groups with whom they may need to communicate in order to go about their daily business and carry out their work properly. People communicate to inform and educate each other, to find out information, to help explain things to people that they may not understand initially and to express their thoughts in a verbal, articulate way. 1.2 Explain How Communication affects Relationships In The Work Setting. Good communication is essential to build a good and effective working atmosphere in any setting. If communication between all staff members and service users is good then it will have a better impact on everyone and allow the service to be delivered clearly, things will run smoothly, efficiently and effectively because everyone will understand what is going on in other parts of the service and what is required of them at the time which they may not have been aware of without being informed using good communication in the work place. If communication is poor in a social care environment then it will have a negative effect on the service and the service user because without good communication the delivery of the services will be sub standard and the content that is being delivered may be inappropriate or irrelevant for that particular group or situation. Poor communication can cause misunderstandings and confusion in the work place which wouldn’t be conducive to a good atmosphere in a health and...
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