Communication Effects on Daily Life

Topics: Mass media, United States, Mobile phone Pages: 6 (2151 words) Published: November 28, 2012
#4: Identify one or two direct ways in which mass media and culture impacted the 2012 national election results. Mass media had a profound impact on the 2012 presidential election. Mass media is one big community that includes a mainstream of media. Some of the biggest components of the mainstream are television, radios, and the Internet. Mass media is one of the most powerful tools used during national elections because it helps influence open-minded voters. Culture also heavily impacts the national election results because the United States is slowly becoming a multicultural society. Racial diversity is something that is so prominent in our lives and therefore it plays a key role in the political system. One direct way in which mass media impacted the election was through attitude influence. Romney and Obama were aware that attitudes could be influenced through the media and both candidates spent over 1 billion dollars during their campaigns, setting a new record. Throughout years and months leading up to the election, the campaigns used mass media to spread political support or disdain to thousands of potential voters. The television is one of the most important technologies that have impacted the election. It has remained ahead of other media for the past 8 years. Attitude influence can be shaped through political debates that are shown on TV. Millions of viewers watch television and tune in during the debates. The television helps reinforce previous attitudes and influence voters who are independent. The Internet is one other major key that impacted the election results. A decade ago, just one-in-fifty Americans got the news about a candidate from the Internet. Today, one-in-three Americans regularly get information about a candidate or the election online. These numbers show the candidates the importance of getting their message out to the public in order to gain more support. Culture heavily impacted the presidential election as well. The tremendous growth of minorities in the United States has lead to a greater impact of minorities during the presidential election. “A minority vote could make a difference in the presidential battleground”, (Zacarias, 2012). 2012 was a big year in elections because minorities could play a vital role in the outcome of the election. Obama and Romney both tried to get support from the minorities. Obama constantly stated that he would reform immigration laws and this helped him gain more minority votes, which could have played a role in him beating Romney. Culture, and specifically minorities and immigration issues are going to become more and more popular in the upcoming elections.

#3: Describe the effects of new technology on interpersonal communication, their accessibility, and their implications on global communication.
New technologies are slowly taking over the world and a lot of face-to-face interactions happen through mediated technologies. Mediated communication is making it easier for people to communicate with each other, in a variety of contexts. Whether that is Skyping from school, conference calls at work or social networking with friends. One effect of the new technology is selectivity of the mass communication audience. New technology has made mass media become more selective. For example, newspaper-publishing companies can now sort through hundreds of articles to publish or delete any column with a press of a button. This gives the gatekeeper a great responsibility because they have the ability to influence the flow of information to a receiver. The other big effect that technology has on interpersonal communication is enhancing communication. Technological innovations such as teleconferencing and telecommuting make it easier for people to communicate with others at separate locations. It is something that businesses of all kinds are adopting around the country. The effects of the new technology have given people the opportunity to extend relationships across...
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