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The role of interpersonal communication has been studied mainly as a mediator for mass media effects. Since Katz and Lazarsfeld (1955) introduced their ‘filter hypothesis’, maintaining that personal communication mediates the influence of mass communication on individual voters, many studies have repeated this logic when combining personal and mass communication in effect studies on election campaigns (Schmitt-Beck, 2003). Although some research exists that examines the activities of social networking and the potential effects, both positive and negative, on its users, there is a gap in the empirical literature. Social networking relies on technology and is conducted over specific devices with no presence of face-to-face interaction, which results in an inability to access interpersonal behavior and signals to facilitate communication.(Drussel,2012) As many positive advances we’ve seen come from the latest web innovations, can it be said that there are negative ones as well? Interpersonal communication is defined as what one uses with both spoken and written words as the basis to form and maintain personal relationships with others (Heil 2010).As technological advancements are made, the residual impact of social networking on society’s young generation is of valuable importance to researchers in the social work field. Left unattended, the lack of skills to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts in person may negatively affect behavior and impair the ability to develop and maintain relationships. (Drussel,2012)

Technological side effects may not always be apparent to the individual user and, combined with millions of other users, may have large-scale implications. Therefore, each participant has a dual role—as an individual who may be affected by the social environment and as a participant who is interacting with others and co-constructing the same environment (Greenfield & Yan, 2006). Berson, Berson and Ferron (2002) believe that benefits of online interaction included learning relational skills, expressing thoughts and feelings in a healthy way, practicing critical thinking skills but I do not agree with them because I think one of important negative point of interpersonal communication through social network is that people who rely on social networking are losing the ability to talk with others in real life. On the other hand, positive and negative effect of using interpersonal communication varies and depend on your point of view then we can not give this question specific answer.

Context generally refers to the environment in which communication occurs and is where it may be influenced. In any given environment/situation a conversation takes place in, many contexts may be interacting at the same time.[1] Context in regards to interpersonal communication refers to the establishment and control of formal and informal relationships. [2] Generally, the focus has been on "dyadic communication" in health communication research with a focus on the patient and the provider. [3] Additionally, interest in the role of families, and occasionally among other key roles in the health care system are all factors on the context of interpersonal communication. Context can include all aspects of social channels, with examples particularly in:

Physical milieu
the season or weather, current physical location and environment Situational milieu
classroom, military conflict, supermarket checkout, hospital Cultural and linguistic backgrounds

In addition, culture has a strong process of dependence on communication, which helps in the process of exchange information in the objective to transmit ideas, feelings, and specific situation present in the person’s mind. Therefore, communication constitutes an important part of the quality of nursing care and predominantly influences client and resident satisfaction; it is a core element of nursing care, a fundamentally required nursing skill. All the...
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