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This assignment can be done in groups of not more than 3 (or individually). If you are working in a group please hand in one assignment only. You may work with students in another one of MY sections if you wish. PLEASE INDICATE THE NAMES OF YOUR GROUP MEMBERS CLEARLY ON THE TITLE PAGE OF THE ASSIGNMENT AND SECTION NUMBERS FOR EACH GROUP MEMBER. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Attend the trial of your choice (civil or criminal) at the B.C. Supreme Court at the Law Courts at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver for at least one hour and then answer the following questions in approximately 1,200 words. . DO NOT go to Chambers Hearings, Bail Hearings, Sentencing Hearings, Small Claims Court and cases that are being heard by the Court of Appeal.

1. Where possible, state the following regarding the trial you watched (this part may be answered in point form) The name of the case (x v. y)
The date(s) you attended
The name of the Judge hearing the case
The names of the lawyers for each party
A brief summary of what was going on in the trial while you were watching.

2. From your observations and from what you have learned in class about trials, would you say that trials are more co-operative or adversarial in nature?

3. From your observations and from what you have learned in class would you say that the processes and procedures used by the courts are a good way to arrive at the “truth”? Explain, with reference to specific examples, from the trial you watched. If you don’t think the process is a good way to arrive at the “truth”, please provide possible alternatives.

(Please remember that the trial will begin with an opening statement given by the plaintiff, then the plaintiff will begin direct examination of witnesses (this is where the plaintiff and his/her witnesses will be permitted to explain the plaintiff’s position on the issues). The defendant will then be able to...
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