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Comm190 – Team Request for Proposals Project
Assignment OverviewThis assignment is based on the “TESS2: The Travel and Expense Support System at Northern University- Part B” case study and the “TESS: The Travel and Expense Support System at Northern University – Part A” case study (that was used for the first team assignment), which are available on the course website. Assume your team has been engaged by Jane Smart to develop a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the new travel and expense system (TESS2) at Northern University. Your key deliverables are: A complete and accurate RFP (see description below),

An updated team contract.
Assignment Value
The Team RFP Project is worth 14% of each student’s final mark in the course. Request for Proposals
Using the details provided in the TESS2 case, and the process map and details from the first TESS case, develop a complete and accurate RFP for the purposes of acquiring a new travel and expense system for NU. Use the RFP template provided with the TESS2 case. In the introduction, you need to provide some contextual background for the RFP. This needs to be original work and not copied directly from the case. You need to provide a brief overview of the business needs that TESS2 will address. This information will not necessarily be in the case; use concepts that you have learned so far in COMM 190 and justify your choices. Develop a list of requirements that must be met by TESS2 based on all the information you have been provided with from the two cases. You need to determine mandatory and “nice-to-have” (not mandatory) requirements. Your RFP should include an overall total of between 20 and 30 requirements (mandatory / nice-to-have). You need to provide a brief justification for your categorization of each requirement as either mandatory or nice-to-have. Make sure you include a detailed description of how you will evaluate the proposals submitted by vendors. Jane will then use this RFP to determine which...
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