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Com100 Informative Presentation Subject: Moscow Russia

By Debbeel Jan 29, 2013 651 Words
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: I would like to inform you my audience on three of the historical places you could visit on a trip to Russia. Central Idea: The Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Moscow Kremlin are among the most significant historical landmarks in Moscow, Russia.

Organizational Pattern: Topical
I. The world has wondered what to believe about Russia for centuries. The country has been known to have unbelievable riches, tyrants, great minds, beautiful ballets and indescribable poverty. St. Basil Cathedral, the Moscow Kremlin, the Red Square. II. After long conversations with my friend Kelly who traveled to Russia to adopt her son, I became intrigued by the places she visited and wanted to know more. III. Today I am going to share with you what I have learned on,, and www.sacred while researching the places Kelly visited while in Russia. A. What significance do St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Moscow Kremlin, and the Red Square have on Russia’s and the world’s history? B. When were they built, and where are they?

Transition: Now let’s take a walk through Moscow and learn about the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Moscow Kremlin. Body:
I. Red Square located on the site of the city’s old market place. The core of Moscow; it has been a place for celebrating, religious festivals, public gatherings, government announcements, even executions. A. Established in the 15th century under Ivan III’s rule, originally called Trinity Square after the Trinity Cathedral. B. The square has seen display’s of military might. In 1941 lines of Russian tanks rolled through on the way to confrontation with the Germans. Lenin’s Transition: Now let’s continue onto the St. Basil’s Cathedral. II. St. Basil’s Cathedral was constructed from 1555 to 1560 during the reign of Ivan the terrible. In 1588 Tsar Fydor Ivanovich added the ninth chapel to the eastern side to house the grave of St. Basil. C. Located at the end of Red Square across from the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin. Although the appearance of the towers and domes is chaotic, there is a symmetry and symbolism in its design. The ninth chapel was added in 1588 to house St. Basil’s tomb. D. A bronze statue commemorating Dmity Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin , who rallied Russia’s volunteer army against the Polish invaders during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Originally constructed in the center of the Red Square but Stalin and the Soviet government felt it obstructed parades and moved it in front of the Cathedral in 1936. Transition: Our last stop our walk will be the Kremlin in Moscow. III. Moscow Kremlin, a self contained city with a number of palaces, armories, and churches, a medieval fortress that links the modern nation to a legendary past. Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, and Yeltsin all governed from within these fortified walls while leaving their mark on history. E. The Moscow Kremlin established in the 1150s, much smaller than what is seen now. Various rulers added to it as Moscow grew in wealth and power. F. The Kremlin complex consist of: Trinity Gate Tower, Saviour Gate Tower, Arsenal, The Senate, The Presidium, Poteshny Palace these are only a few of the most celebrated buildings of the Kremlin complex. Transition: I hope you have enjoyed our walk around these beautiful and historical sites. Conclusion: Moscow Russia has a long history of unbelievable riches, tyrants, great minds, beautiful ballets and indescribable poverty. The Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Moscow Kremlin have withstood the test of time, and have remained pillars of their historic culture.

Interview: Kelly Hammonds

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